Who We Are


Our Sonographer                                     

  SallyCasagrande, RDMS

Sally started in Ultrasound in 1978. 
Before there were schools in ultrasound, she would travel to UCSF to visit their campus to learn everything she could. Over the years she has gone wherever she could obtain further education. She has worked at most of the local hospitals. 
Obstetric Ultrasound has always been her specialty. In 2000 she started working in High Risk Obstetric Ultrasound.  She has had extra
training in 3D/4D and is excited to bring this service toParadise.


Our Physician

Brad Piatt, MD

Brad completed his undergraduate work at the Universityof California, Berkeley and medical school training at Vanderbilt University. He finished his Radiology residency at the University of California, Davis in 1990, specializing in neuroradiology and ultrasound. 
He prides himself as one of those few radiologists who still scans patients. Until 2004, Brad maintained status as Associate Clinical Professor at UC-Davis where he taught residents and practiced clinical radiology.